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Emphasizing proportion
and geometry to encompass
the “renaissance ideal”

Situated on the slope of the Montalbano, amid the rolling hills of
Tuscany, lies the town of Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci.
Leonardo was the epitome of a “Renaissance man”, a person who
excelled in several fields such as science and arts, a polymath of
fervent curiosity, coupled with a visionary and vivid imagination.
Villa Vinci is the first model designed by Evho.

Its homage to Leonardo and its town is clear. It encompasses the
“renaissance ideal” by applying a holistic and comprehensive
approach to design and architecture; where contemporary design
, construction technology, eco-sustainability, liveability, comfort and
“joie de vivre” come all together as one component. In terms of style
it is a home of our times; contemporary, full of natural light, clean and
sleek lines with just a hint of traditional stone cladding.

Villa Vinci detail 01
Villa Vinci detail 02


Choose your ideal space

All the models have a living-dining area with an open kitchen.
(the enclosed kitchen is optional)
a laundry/storage, a powder room and a study included.
In addition they have a balcony from 30 to 33 sqm.
In the biggest one it is possible to have
a Jacuzzi as an optional.

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Model GFA m2/sft Bedrooms Bathrooms Laundry Floors
2.939322No1 floor
2.10010022No1 floor
3.11611632Yes1 floor
3.13913932Yes1 floor
3.16016032 + 1 powderYes1 floor
4.19019043 + 1 powderYes1 floor
(*) available also 2 floor configurations
Villa Vinci detail 03

Evho 3.160 Vinci Front Elevation

Villa Vinci detail 04


How we build it

100% eco-sustainable materials and technology
Energy Saving (Class A) by insulation material
and panels engineered by EVHO
Top notch technology for Heating, ventilation and air
conditioning to maximize the comfort in every season
Systems for air-purification
100% Fire resistant material and solid anti-seismic structure.

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Start now and create the
perfect space
for your everyday life!

Singapore Office:
2 Alexandra Road
#05-02B Delta House
Singapore 159919

Italy Office:
Via San Lorenzo 22,
San Zenone degli Ezzelini, Treviso, 31020
Phone: +39 04231993443

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