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A simple and minimalistic approach
to architecture and beauty.

Miami is geographically near Bahamas, Cuba, Cancun, the Dominican
Republic, and most everything in the Caribbean that is associated with
white sand beaches, palm trees, and clear, azure blue water as
warm as a bathtub. All of this enchanting contour contributes to
the beautiful traits that characterize Miami itself.

South Beach Miami is rightly famous for its Art Deco ‚Äčarchitecture‚Äč,
characterized by simple, clean and square shapes. Villa Miami
traces this artistic style through a simple square
white box design; a minimalistic approach to architecture
and beauty. The light wood accent finishes give it
a cosy touch that warms up the architecture just as warm
and cool as the people of Miami.

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Choose your ideal space

All the models have a living-dining area with an open kitchen included
(from 116 sqm up the enclosed kitchen is optional)
and a single or double bay garage as an optional.
Study Room Configuration.

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Model GFA m2/sft Bedrooms Bathrooms Laundry Floors
2.939322No1 floor
2.10010022No1 floor
3.11611632Yes1 floor
3.13913932Yes1 floor
3.16016032 + 1 powderYes1 floor
4.19019043 + 1 powderYes1 floor
(*) available also 2 floor configurations
Villa Miami detail 03

Evho 3.160 Miami Front Elevation

Villa Miami detail 04


How we build it

100% eco-sustainable materials and technology
Energy Saving (Class A) by insulation material
and panels engineered by EVHO
Top notch technology for Heating, ventilation and air
conditioning to maximize the comfort in every season
Systems for air-purification
100% Fire resistant material and solid anti-seismic structure.

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Start now and create the
perfect space
for your everyday life!

Singapore Office:
2 Alexandra Road
#05-02B Delta House
Singapore 159919

Italy Office:
Via San Lorenzo 22,
San Zenone degli Ezzelini, Treviso, 31020
Phone: +39 04231993443

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